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All he wants is to be with his mother, to play with his friends, to enjoy the Sun, and to be free.

These are not granted to him, and there are hundreds of millions of animals - and about a hundred billion worldwide - like him, raised for meat,eggs and milk every year. None of them are allowed the freedom that each of us takes for granted.

Nobody has the right to deny the animals their freedom, to separate them from their mothers and friends, to imprison them, to genetically alter them, to castrate them, to mutilate them, to beat them or to murder them. Their desires and rights to have their freedom and to control their own lives is identical to that of every one of us.

Human rights were born after the society in which we live in had witnessed a continuous oppression against various of groups, trampling of the innocents and abusing everyone your power allows you to do so. Those rights were made in order to guaranty the thing which doesn't happen in nature, where "survival of the fittest" is law. In our society we don't follow this law. Not only the fittest gets protection. He who doesn't have the best qualities to survive doesn't die or cast away from society. On the contrary, he gets support; he is recognized by our society as someone that deserves our assistance due to his weakness.

All we have to do, individually, in order to decrease substantially the animals' suffering is to stop eating them or their products (eggs, milk), to stop using products made from animals (fur, leather, feathers, etc), avoid financing businesses that abuse animals (circuses using animals, rodeos, companies that test on animals), and avoid participating in any events abusing animals (dissection).

We have to remember that RIGHT NOW there are millions of animals in cages, RIGHT NOW they suffer unimaginable pain and RIGHT NOW they want their freedom.

It's time to make a change, to take responsibility about what's going on in this world, and to save animals.