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Activity - How can i help

"The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That's the essence of inhumanity"
george bernard shaw

Joining Activities

The cruel reality of the animals raised in the food industry alarms ourbasic internal sense of morality. Let us not ignore it. We can influence their fate.

Change yourself - Ban products and companies that abuse and harm animals. Banning those industries is the most effective way to annul the source of the suffering of the animals. Without profit those industries will go bankrup. In addition to vegetarianism and veganism, it means you should not buy leather, feathers, products that were tested on animals and not attend zoos and circuses using animals.

Be interested and learn the issue thoroughly. Read about the industries that harm animals. Know the ideas of the animal rights movement in your country and in the world.

Change the surroundings - Be active. Educate, demonstrate, protest, expose, explain, and be the voice of those their voice is not heard. Every one of us can save lives by simple acts.

Since the eighties many groups and organizations were established for the aim of freeing animals from human oppression. Despite the long way we have, struggle strengthens. Take an active part in making the history and fight for the innocents.

Their slaughter will not cease if you close your eyes. Justice will not be achieved if you will turn your head.

Many sorts of activities can be done to help animals. For information about activities and projects that can be done personally and for information about the current activities of the group, contact us by e-mail or phone 054-2056629. Those means of contact are available for you also for every question about animal rights.

Additional ideas in which you can help the animals