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What's the difference?

What is the difference

In the Far East cats and dogs are starved, beaten, tormented and eventually murdered. Can someone imagine himself crueler deed than separating a puppy or a cat-cub from his mother? What would you do if you saw a beaten moaning cat or dog in the street? What would you feel after seeing their sad look behind the cage-grid? Certainly, had you the possibility to release them from inferno and give them a chance for a good life without pain, suffering and abuse ? you would release them indeed.

This is the existence of hundreds of thousands cats and dogs in the Far East, that are raised for the local meet industry. Every day for them is suffering. They are caged in horrible dense cages until they are taken to be slaughtered. Try to imagine looking into their eyes and feeling their sadness. Their strongest desire is to be free, not to be compelled in the cage - to be whole, to feel alive. But those cats and dogs are not free. They are broken, they feel dead. Look in their eyes, they're crying for help. What crime did they commit, for which they are caged so? Is their crime the fact that they were born into a harsh world? Why are such torments caused to those innocent creatures? Look into their eyes. We all know that harming them is unjustified, immoral and cruel.

Now look into the eyes of a cow, a pig, a hen, a fish, and every other creature that is raised in similar conditions in the closer, West meet industry (namely Europe and U.S.A. and every developed country). Their suffering is exactly the same - unjustified, immoral and cruel. They also have the desire and right to be free, to live their lives without forced suffering caused to them by humans. Is it fair that one animal we pet and the other animal is tortured, slaughtered, cooked and eaten by us?

They all are animals who can suffer and enjoy, exactly like us - humans. They all need affection. JUST TO BE FREE.

The dogs and cats meat industry

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What's the difference? (presentation)

What's the difference? (movie)