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The eggs industry


After hatching, the chicks are assorted: the males, who are unprofitable, are exterminated. Each day, approximately 7,500 baby chickens are either electrocuted or ground to death. The females are locked in tight metal cages, in which they can't even stretch their wings.

The cage floor is a diagonal grid, which causes the chickens injuries, legs distortions and stress. Under these conditions the chickens become aggressive; to prevent them from pecking each other, the farmers cut off their beaks. Debeaking is preformed using a hot metal blade, and is painful and traumatic since the beak tissue consists nerve cells. When the egg production decreases, the farmers expedite laying through a total prevention of food and water and a total darkening of the chicken coop for ten days. During the next month, the chickens are kept under severe hunger conditions. As a result, the weak chickens die, which is desired by the farmers, since their production is low anyway.

Eggs that are marketed as "free eggs" arrive from farms in which the chickens are not locked down in tight cages, though they are locked down in a cabin, which may have an exit to a yard. Never the less, the male extermination, beaks cutting, aggressiveness, laying expediting and killing of the weak chickens still prevail.


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