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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Martin Luther King

The struggle for the welfare, life and freedom of the animals raised in the food industry and caged in horrible conditions, is hard; Harder than all the other struggles for freedom which precede it. And we are only at it's beginning. Despite that, the animal liberation movement in Israel and in the whole world managed to get to impressive and significant achievements in the last three decades - especially thanks to the efforts of a dedicated minority, which vigorously and voluntarily act to speak out for the victims of factory farming, vivisection laboratories, fur farms, hunt fields, act...

Shevi (A.L.I.) - Animal Liberation Israel - is an organization which was founded in 2005, by animal rights activists who decided to establish a new acting frame which put an emphasis on information stands and education activities in order to pull the attention to the billions of "third world" animals raised for food.

hugged lambs

However, as big as it is, the devotion of the volunteers alone can't make the hoped change. Against our efforts stand institutions, companies and interested persons, which make profit of animals' exploitation and killing, and which invest mint of money to preserve their suffering as it is. Unfortunately, our activities demands more than our devotion and efforts alone: printing flyers, organizing activities, protests and lectures, documenting and investigating animals conditions - all this costs money. The continuation of our activities depends on the willingness of those who care to donate from their time and money. Even a small donation means a great deal to our activities, which, in the end, stop the suffering of billions of defenseless animals. Even a thousand miles journey begins in one small step.

Shevi is a registered non profit organization, in which there are no paid employees and all operations are made purely by volunteers. Activism involves many costs, though, and your support will be greately appreciated. Every cent you donate will go directly to the activism itself in the advocacy for the animals.

a pig in nature

In order to continue Shevi's activities in general, and our field activities in particular, we need financial donations. If you wish to donate contact us.

Furthermore, in order to continue our activities which concludes information stands where we play video films about animals exploitation, we need a donation of a mobile DVD, a laptop, a TV, a video, and a DVD.

For more details contact us.