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About Us

We'll fight the oppression until the complete liberation of all animals!

Shevi (A.L.I.) - Animal Liberation Israel - Is an organization for animal rights which was established in 2005. The message behind the name is clear: the understanding that animals have basic rights that must not be violated. Our goal is to create a society free of animal exploitation and abuse, a society which recognizes the basic rights of animals to live a life without enslavement, suffering and exploitation. We set, as our goal, to be a center of influence in the Israeli society to promote animal rights and to stop the tyranny.

All the people active in this organization do it completely voluntarily and with great devotion, as a result of ideological identification with the idea of animal rights. All the organization's activities result from donations.

Animals may be different from us in many ways, but their pain and suffering is not different from ours. Our moral duty is not to cause them pain or suffering, much like it is our moral duty not to cause pain and suffering to other humans who are different from us.

The term "Animal rights" does not mean equality in all respects - like the right to vote or acquire education - simply because animals have no need for that, just as men have no "right to get pregnant". The meaning of equality is equal consideration, meaning allowing each individual to realize his happiness, personal and social needs, according to his unique views, choices and identity.

Each and every one of us is shocked and horrified when presented with a case of abuse of a helpless animal, and it's obvious that animal abuse is a horrific phenomenon that has no place in a civilized society. What is still not obvious is that, contrary to popular belief, most animal abuse is not performed randomly, but as a part of a violent industry subsidized by the government and financed by us, the consumers. This is an industry that puts millions of dollars into the pockets of its owners, while going to great lengths to hide its true colors.

Millions of animals in Israel and billions around the world go through - under the protection of the law - unthinkable torture and abuse that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies. They go through a life filled with suffering, and in the end they are killed brutally in the meat,eggs and milk industries, as well in entertainment venues, clothing industries, and in laboratories.

First and foremost, we set, as our goal, to fight the food industries, as the nature of the abuses that animals experience there is the most severe; it is also the largest industry, as far as the numbers of animals killed.

Our main activity is imbuing awareness of this issue into the general public. Most of the public has not been exposed to this matter, and does not give much thought to the great amounts and types of abuses to animals and to what stands behind the idea of animal rights. As we understand that real changes can not be forced legislatively (as in what happened, for example, in the case of alcohol prohibition in the United States), we believe it must result from the public's decisions - that's how we can bring about a true fundamental change in our society, and completely eliminate animal exploitation by humans. Therefore we try and raise the subject to the public in every way possible: information stands, internet sites, school lectures, youth movement activities, protests and demonstrations are the main ways we act to spread the message.

We see the fight for animal rights as linked to the struggle to create a fair and just society. A society that respects the rights of every living creature capable of feeling pain, of every living creature who naturally aspires to be free; a society free of suffering, exploitation and oppression of the creatures living in it, humans and non-humans alike.

The last two decades have brought about the establishment of many diverse groups and organizations, all of which share the common goal of bringing about the liberation of animals. Despite the long road ahead, the struggle's progress is accelerating.

Join us; take an active part in making history and the fight for the innocent.

We will continue fighting until all animals are FREE